Do you think hair transplants help in natural hair growth? If no, then you are probably thinking wrong like many other people. But I want to clear this misconception and would like to give a detailed answer to those who assume hair transplant is a short term and temporary method that doesn’t help in natural hair growth.

Why people opt hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is basically considered as a best cosmetic surgery technique that helps people in plantation of their hair for a long run or permanently. This technique basically helps in growing areas where the hairs are completely diminished and the person become bald. Then the surgeons take hair follicles and harvest them from the back and side areas of head. After that they transplant the hairs into the recipient area where they will be established in a perfect natural growing pattern. There are two most common methods which are used to do hair transplantation, these are FUT and FUE.

FUE & FUT hair surgery:

In FUT hair transplant method, there is a visible scar left after the surgery, but in case of FUE, there is no apparent scar and even stitches become visible after the surgery. People who want to cover their large baldness areas and do not mind cuts or some scars should opt for FUT technique. But the people who are little conscious and looking to cover even their small areas of baldness must use FUE technique. In addition, people who like a short hairstyle and having some active life activities should choose FUE technique. This process is less invasive and painful and recovery time is also quite less than FUT.

Is hair transplanting a permanent or natural hair coverage technique?

Actually the hair that is transplanted from the donor area always stay there for lifetime, it is just because the hair that were used in the transplantation process is taken from some permanent site. So, they stay there forever. Whether you are choosing FUE or FUT method, the donor hair is always taken from the permanent scalp area that is present at back and side of your head. This is a major reason why hair transplant is considered as the permanent method for your hair coverage. The hairs that were planted will give a perfect natural look and feel. You can simply cut, shave or even dye them just like your own normal hair. They will again grow back just like your natural hair.

Bottom line:

Hair transplantation is now looking like a boon for everyone who is looking to get their hair back naturally forever. It works well. But the main thing is to choose a reliable clinic and hair surgeon in Dubai who has enough experience. And knowledge about the latest techniques and use updated instruments to make the surgery successful.


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