Designers now have a new electronic source that revolutionizes and speeds up the way color motivation and product requirements can be handled, structured and distributed. Presented nowadays, COLOR MUSE is a new low-cost mobile color muse matching app that helps you to save developers and other industry expert’s time by optimizing and digitizing many of the guide and time-intensive activities associated with the medial side planning procedure. As an electronic mobile device, COLOR MUSE also allows for catching color motivation when and where it attacks.

Research reveals that color is a significant power in driving psychological and physical well-being. It is also a significant component in purchasing decisions; according to an article in the Publication of Inherited Mindset, “color makes up 85 percent of the reason why someone chooses to buy an item.”

With color such a critical facet of a designer’s trade, COLOR MUSE’s near-perfect matching ability means there is no misinterpretation of color between designer and customer. This protects quantity of the style and style procedure, which normally consist of purchasing and patiently awaiting needless product samples; visiting and from customer conferences to complete color scheme schemes; or spending a lot of time searching through materials in an item collection, to name a few.

Additionally, COLOR MUSE’s effective app – with nearly 500, 000 items to choose from – helps you to save developers even a longer period. For example, developers can quickly and easily cross-reference brands; arrange products; file color ideas; view room moments with their color palettes; and incorporate information to their style software. Customers can quickly share shades and information with customers, co-workers and friends through social networking systems. Furthermore, motivational pictures found on Instagram, Interest or elsewhere could be incorporated into a user’s Color muse matching app. The app even joins users straight to producers or accepted providers where buys can be made.

COLOR MUSE System –About the size of a Negatives movie tube, the COLOR MUSE device sets itself apart through its innovative indicator program. The product contains its own built-in mild, while preventing out normal mild. It also contains a professional indicator that imitates the way people see color. The product can identify and create a near-perfect color coordinate from any material, whether it be rug, stucco, stone, plastic, or even foliage. No smartphone in industry nowadays can copy the device’s color matching ability.

Color muse matching app –Unlike other color applications in industry nowadays, most of which only show a manufacturer’s product collection, the Color muse matching app allows users to find 1 million-plus items comprising just about every possible internal product classification. The app contains items from 400 producers across 14 different groups, which range from rug, glass and fabrics, to shades, materials and color. Many of today’s color-based applications are designed to work with smartphones, which only catch images with RGB shades, thus creating incorrect color suits.

COLOR MUSE Utilization –After pushing the “wake” key on the hand-held device, starting the app and linking via Bluetooth®, users simply place the device close to the idea factor and along with result instantly seems to be in the app. From there, users can select any number of activities, such as matching that color to an item classification, or matching that color to a specific product to see all the items from that product in that color.

“COLOR MUSE really is a game-changer for developers and other experts in the personal or commercial building sectors,” said Henry Yu, CEO and founding father of Varying Inc., the manufacturer of COLOR MUSE. “COLOR MUSE is not intended to exchange the significance in contact with, feeling and seeing product in-person. However, COLOR MUSE can considerably reduce many of today’s guide procedures that can be time-consuming and complicated. We think developers nowadays, and certainly the up-and-coming creation of developers, will instantly see all the benefits COLOR MUSE has to offer.”



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