Connection with kundalini awareness and the process that unfolds when that strong inner spiritual power is ignited. It was my great great bundle to get shaktipat initiation (the awakening of kundalini) from Swami Muktananda who was the noticed Master of the Siddha Yoga lineage at that time. I state it was my great great fortune because, in this convention, not merely is the initiation given, but the mandatory teachings for knowledge the awakening and the spiritual activities and procedure that unfolds as a result of it are overtly and easily given nondual teachers.
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I soon noticed, through my own personal inner knowledge and the activities of the others around me who had acquired shaktipat, that this divine internal energy not merely has the power to provide one the highest of mystical activities, but can also be a great healer. In her purpose to take the seeker to the conclusion of oneness with Great Mind, she should help us to eliminate our inner obstacles on the physical, intellectual, mental, psychic and spiritual levels.

Much like any growth and therapeutic method, being up against obstacles, limitations, bad thoughts, bad behaviors and previous hard experiences and unresolved problems, can be difficult and occasionally frightening. When along with powerful, spontaneous experiences of power going in manners that an individual has no prior education, information or knowledge of, it may be overwhelming, primary the in-patient to get support from clergy, spiritual advisers, intellectual wellness practitioners and holistic practitioners-many of whom are without the mandatory knowledge and knowledge to offer satisfactory help, and some of whom might actually misdiagnose the individual’s experience, marking it pathological. Hence it’s imperative that anybody giving help to individuals with awakened kundalini have understanding and connection with the kundalini process across religious cultures.

There are lots of titles for the kundalini across spiritual traditions. A couple of are: the Tibetan Buddhist tummo, or internal fireplace, the Chrisitian Holy Spirity, the Chinese Martial Arts and Therapeutic Arts Chi, and the num of African tribal dacers and healers. When one considers the mystical texts, poetry and historical substance of a number of traditions experiential paradigms appear describing the awareness and action of the transforming internal power. Probably the most articulated program may be the Chakra/Nadi program that appears in Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Sufism.

In this technique the kundalini is awakened and moves up through the main route or sushumna, piercing the chakras or power centers in the simple, power body. In the act of moving through the chakras the kundalini produces a variety of physical, mental, psychological, psychic and spiritual experiences. Throughout the Yoga, Tibetan Buddhist and Sufi traditions the language may vary in describing the paradigm, but they are primarily the same.

The Religious system is less fully articulated, but is hinted at in the Guide of Revelations as Steve, following receiving the awareness of the Sacred Spirit from Jesus, later activities a series of mystical visions. In one he’s revealed the seven seals and the eight spirits of God who preside around them. Each seal represents a level of discovery or consciousness. In Kabbalah, the mystical course of Judaism, there’s an elaborate system of the Pine of Living and the sefiroth.

Note is also made of the 7 heavens and the Hebrew letters or sounds applied to attain them. In the Indigenous American tradition, the Hopi Development History describes vibrational stores that run along the axis or spinal column. These five stores are found underneath the navel, at the heart, the throat, just underneath the the top of mind and at the the surface of the head-a program really like the chakra system.

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