The world is swiftly evolving, whether you like it or not, and whether you realize it or not. The landscape of doing business has transformed. What was once profitable, no longer is. Things and opportunities that do not exist simply a decade ago, now presents enough lucrative opportunities.
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All around us, there are indications of the changes. It is merely that most often, we are not aware of them, if they are not blatantly mentioned to us. If we have no idea of the changes and the revolutions, we will continue to plod on in our same old daily routine, caught up with the same old problems with the boss, the customers, office politics, gossip, traffic jams, and the usual money problems. The entire world will pass us by, without us even knowing it!

The one who is the grasp of change, is the master of his future. The ones who are placed in their ways and continue doing things in the same kind of way, will soon become obsolete and extinct like dinosaurs! They will be left behind by the changing times article on adcombo sweepstakes.

Some people feel that internet and social mass media is merely a hype that will not last long and will just die out there soon. Let us not base our decisions on myths. Let us base it on some facts.

Based to the World World wide web Statistics, there are now 1. 7 billion internet users in the world. Considering that the year 2000, the number of online users have grown 380%, with twenty five. 6% market penetration. Because of this 25% of the world population is currently online. In the next few years, this figure will reach at least 50%.

Inside Malaysia, it may come as a surprise to many that the Malaysia has one of the highest internet penetration in the world, with sixty five. 7% of its human population going online. It really is fast catching up with The usa, which has over 74% from the population online. Right now there are 16 million internet users in Malaysia.

Typically the way of doing business is changing. Many traditional offline web based going to find that a huge percent of their market share has be eaten upward by online entrepreneurs. Typically the internet gives the individual a level playing field with huge corporations, as it requires very little first investment.

Individuals and companies are in a position to reach out there globally with very little cost direct to their prospective customers. With more and more people checking the web all around the world, it truly has became available new horizons of opportunities for the business savvy.

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