Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Is there any issue with your joints? Do you want something to workout and stretch your muscles? You can do all this with the help of the best inversion table 2017. Inversion tables are designed to improve your posture and prevent back pain by relaxing your muscles. A growing number of inversion tables are available in the market so that you can find the best table. It can be a challenging and arduous task to choose the right table from the market. Some tables offer the basic functions to provide inversion therapy at your own house. Some models have upgraded functionality, such as improved lock system, padding for extra comfort and angle control.Image result for inversion table

How to select the best table?

Inversion therapy is good for the athletes and other people who are suffering from back pain. If you want to get rid of medicines, you can use the inversion table. These tables make it easy for you to get rid of surgeries. To get special inversion tables, you have to consider the following elements:


Choose an inversion table made of high-class carbon steel. It is important to avoid table designed with low-quality plastic. This type of table can be a health risk for you. Make sure to check sharp edges and bumps on the table. Focus on the parts that are designed to support your body. If you can test a table, make sure to ride on it for almost 5 – 6 minutes. Check the ankle cushion, frame, backrest, and quality of finish.


Focus on the frames of your selected inversion table that can be foldable or static. The foldable table will be ideal for home use or storage. Make sure to check the maximum weight and height limit of frames. The table must have adjustable clamps because you have to stand on the platform to secure clamps around your ankles.


It is a significant concern for the best inversion table 2017. You should stay away from an inversion table that can’t stay in one place while using it. Consider an inversion table with some non-skid stabilizers floor that is constructed with rubber. The rubber offers you the best grip on every type of floor. It will be good to check the comfort level of your selected inversion table.

Ankle Restraint

During inversion therapy, the ankles must be restrained in a particular way. It is important for everyone to consider the type of ankle control. It must be comfortable and keep your legs in the right position. The best inversion table 2017 with good ankle restraint for easy adjustment and maximum comfort. You can make a decision between adjustable strap and bar type. The bars will help you to anchor both ankles to a particular area where your straps can easily hold the ankles.

Moreover, your inversion table should come with comfy back pads, height and weight capacity, less footprint, adjustment and cushioning. It is essential to consider the level of safety and warranty of inversion table to avoid the chances of damage.

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